Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minutes and Go

I have roughly five minutes to blog and I'm hoping it will be just the thing to get me out of my blog blah. So here goes nothing.

  • My plants are dying. I guess only watering twice each week isn't going to cut it in the 100 degree plus heat.
  • We have been super busy trying to rearrange the house for baby sister.
  • The house looks like a tornado struck.
  • Baby sister does not have a name yet. We are stuck between two names for the front- runner and no, I'm not saying what they are until we've decided.
  • Today marks the halfway point in my pregnancy. Seriously, seriously glad I am not nine months pregnant in this heat. It may be my imagination but I think my feet may have tried to swell up today.
  • I need to do the 20 week pregnancy update, post pictures of our little girl, pictures of how we shared the news we are having a little girl plus go through about 900 other summer pictures.
  • Gavin is goofy and full of so much spunk.
  • Today he wore tall argyle socks (Papaw socks) and light up shoes. His choice and he loved it.
  • My husband makes the best homemade spaghetti.
  • My husband knows just how to cheer up my day with his smile. The flowers didn't hurt either.
That about wraps it up. My goal is to get in more blogging this week, maybe even go through some of those pictures. Summer is about up, but I sure wish the heat took notice.

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