Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankfully Joyous Thursday Week #4

This little goober was technically part of last week's Thankfully Joyous Thursday post, but since Gavin turns 18 months today, I thought it would be appropriate to expound on just why I am thankful for him.

At 18 months Gavin:
>Is walking/running everywhere;
>Can stand up without any assistance;
>Mimics our actions and sounds;
>Favorite word is ball, but we think he's trying to say new ones every day. Today it was "whoa."
>Still wears size 3 diapers and basically size 12 month clothes although he's starting to get too long for his pj's;
>Weighs about 22 pounds. We won't find out until next Monday;
>Finds great joy in sitting in a kid-size chair as well as getting in and out of it constantly;
>Likes to find our tickle spots;
>Holds his hands up when we say,"Where is ______?";
>Pats his head when we say, "hat."
>Stuffs food in his shirt;
>Likes to put foam letters under his chin and walk around with them;
>Amazes and keeps us laughing with his personality.

We're (I'm speaking for D. too.) so thankful for our happy and healthy little boy. We love you to infinity and beyond times infinity.

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  1. Look at that sweet little boy! They grow up fast!

    Can't wait to see y'all!