Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Growing Up

Yesterday I took Gavin to his two year check up. Usually he starts crying as soon as he sits on the scale, but this time he got to stand on the big boy scale and I think that made all of the difference. The poor kid has been to the doctor enough that he probably is traumatized. However, this time there wasn't a tear shed when he sat on the table, saw the doctor and not even until the second shot. I was so proud of him.

It's a little sad that this is probably the last time I'll post his check up stats.
Height 32 inches 5-10 percentile
Weight 23.2 pounds 10-25 percentile (That's the first time he's broken the 5th percentile since he was a few weeks old!)

It's a good thing I took him to his doctor's appointment first because he lost that .2 ounces when we stopped by for his first professional haircut. I have been cutting it, but it got to a point that a squirmy toddler with extremely straight hair was a recipe for disaster. Besides, as the hairstylist confirmed, he had a bowl cut.

I only have photos from my camera phone of the event, but when we got home I took a few. Take a look at my grown up little boy.

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