Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Year Pics

Usually I'm not a big fan of studio pictures, but with time running short, we opted to have Gavin's second year pictures done just that way. And you know I'm glad we did. It's nice to have some variety, and I'm not about to set up a white backdrop in my garage. Or am I?

I was pleasantly surprised with how the pictures turned out. Hence my willpower for only selecting one or two poses was greatly reduced. Thankfully, since we chose several poses, we were given a disc with all of Gavin's pictures. Without further ado...

Obviously these pictures were taken before Gavin's haircut. I'm still working on going through all of Gavin's birthday party pictures and hope to post those tomorrow. On a final thought, I'd like to wish D's grandparents a very happy 61st anniversary. We love you Nannie and Pawpaw!

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