Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome Race Fans

Growing up I remember my dad watching the NASCAR races on Sunday afternoons after church, but he didn't have the bumper stickers or decals that are prominent on Texas trucks. I'm not sure if the few times I watched the races with my dad prepared me for the encounters I had with some serious race fans this past weekend.

We loaded up and left Friday headed to Dallas with my father-in-law. I was a little nervous (okay, a lot!) about how Gavin would do on the four and a half hour trip. Armed with snacks and several new (small) toys, he actually did pretty well even without a nap.

Both Friday and Saturday races were evening races which helped keep us from fainting in the nearly hundred degree weather, but when you have a kiddo whose bedtime is the same time as the start time, I wasn't sure how the evening would go. As soon as we got to the hotel Friday afternoon, we put Gavin down for a late nap.

I didn't take my camera Friday night, but the summation was- it was fun, Gavin did pretty well but did NOT like the headphones.

After a good night's rest, some shopping and another nap, it was time for the Saturday night race. We got there early to see Robbie Knievel jump across several EMS vehicles, a firetruck and other vehicles on his little white motorcycle.
We also had a chance to let the boys sit in a real race car.
Gavin was intrigued about something as he wouldn't look at the camera even when bribed with an animal cracker.
The rest of the Moore crew was intrigued as well although I didn't try to bribe them.
Let the race begin!
After going to the State Fair and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, I thought I had seen everything cooked on a stick, but this guy was actually eating chicken fried steak on a stick.
We figured out a way to get Gavin distracted from pulling off his headphones- sit down with him in the front row of the race. The seats we had were really nice, but he was so engaged once he went down with his Granddaddy to the front row.
Gavin and D went down there as well and were right in front of the action when Helio Castroneves (Remember him from Dancing with the Stars?) crashed with another racer. Helio was not very happy about it. He's the one in black storming off after he confronted the other driver.
At least these two were pretty happy with each other.
We had a great time and now know we can survive that long of a road trip with a toddler. Thanks for taking us Granddaddy!

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