Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Walk in the Zoo

Yesterday, D took off and we headed to the zoo. Since we have a membership it's kind of nice to go when we want, but I'm thinking of banning the months from May to September since it was so HOT! We tried to get there as soon as we could when it was cool. In Houston that term is pretty irrelevant.

The first stop was to see the elephants who had just gotten a bath. Here's 500 pound baby Baylor who is only about two months old with his mom.

Even though it was hot, I think this trip was more enjoyable since the time we went six months ago because Gavin seemed to be more aware of the animals. He would point a lot with excitement especially at the giraffes and reptiles.
The Houston Zoo was hosting a special exhibit on dinosaurs. All of the dinosaurs moved and made sounds even the baby ones. If you are in the area, it's probably worth the extra $2 to see once. Surprisingly, Gavin was a little timid around the small dinosaurs, but had no problems with this guy.
I think the T-Rex just might be his favorite, but isn't that true for all kids?
We took a little time out to play and frolic like the rest of the wildlife.
Then we headed over to the reptiles and the aquarium.
D got to show Gavin a lizard like he used to have.
In all, it was just a walk in the zoo.

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  1. I work at Baylor College of Medicine and we are very proud our new baby boy Baylor! hee!Hee! Your little boy is so cute!